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About Skyline

Skyline – Estate agent in Chiclana in Costa de la Luz. Selling properties with a lifestyle and ECO conscience.

Skyline Costa Luz was the creation of a vision to bring a quality, trustworthy estate agency to this natural and unspoilt area to help clients who have hardworking and stressful lives, but appreciate the value and the beauty of life, to find peace and tranquillity through the purchase of their dream home in a dream location, so that they can enjoy more time with loved ones, and re-discover the wonderful things that life and nature hold, and help them achieve a higher quality of life and a much needed balance to their daily toil.

We appreciate that you want to purchase your dream property in Costa de la Luz as hassle free as possible. However, there have been cases of dreams turning into nightmares, because people have chosen the wrong estate agent, builder of lawyer. With a 24 year history and real life working experience of real estate in the UK (14yrs) and Spain (10yrs to 2012), Skyline Costa Luz brings together un-paralleled knowledge, skills, experience, innovation and a proud desire for customer satisfaction, which sets us apart from the rest and protects our clients from any unexpected surprises. (see “Why choose Skyline” and 10 most important things to know before buying property” pages).

Our success has been built on one premise, that every customer comes to us as a stranger and stays with us as a friend. Our reputation has grown as a result and much of our new business is achieved by recommendations (see Testimonials and Skyline in the Media pages).

Our aim is to lead the market by example, create trust where there is fear, create friendship where there is animosity and create reality where there is a dream.

Our objectives and standards are very straight forward in principal, but many other estate agencies find very difficult to uphold in reality:

  • We ensure that all the rules and guidelines are followed in accordance with Spanish law. Skyline is a real estate agency that is fully registered and regulated by the Spanish government. We pay our taxes!
  • To offer an outstanding selection of individually picked, quality properties to suit clients with discerning tastes and purchasing power, including luxury villas, apartments, townhouses, country houses, off-plan developments, land and of course ecological houses along the whole of the Costa de la Luz. 
  • To only offer properties which meet the minimum requirements for you to take legal and unencumbered ownership of the property and where the property is inscribed in the Land Registry of Spain and in the local town hall, with independent title deeds. 
  • All our properties have been individually assessed and are only included if they meet all our legal requirements and standards, and pass positively to one other important question “would we put our own hard earned money into this house? 
  • To negotiate optimum prices for both parties to ensure that the buying customer receives the best value property for their money and the selling customer receives the best price for their property.
  • To prioritise the interests of our clients before our commissions. To do business with integrity and honesty and to lead by example and instinct. 
  • To offer transparency to all our clients. To provide comprehensive details about a property, title deeds, cadastral plans, town plans, utility bills etc. to ensure you know what you are buying and that there are no hidden surprises (like a road being planned to go through the house. 
  • To fore-go the sale of a property with potential problems than to make one and suffer the consequences later on. We want to be here for many years to come, not just this year. 
  • To impart invaluable knowledge and information, that we have gained through our many years of experience and knowledge of the area, onto the customer to help ensure that their decision to sell or purchase a property is a well informed one. 
  • To remain an independent estate agency that is not affiliated to any one builder, solicitor or project where the interests of the client could be potentially compromised. 
  • To be the estate agent of choice for customers looking to buy or sell property in Spain, Costa de la luz based on our reputation, experience and outstanding service. If you’re thinking about property, we want you to think of SKYLINE COSTA LUZ.

As a way of giving back to our customers, we have come up with innovative ideas such as being the first estate agency in the Costa de la Luz to offer our Virtual Agent program, whereby anyone can recommend someone who wants to buy a property and receive a percentage share of our commission, or our ECO living service, where we can all contribute to the environment and the future of the planet by building or converting our homes into more energy efficient and environmentally friendly places to live.

We also support local charities such as the Betel/Retro organisations in Chiclana de la Frontera, Cádiz, which help to rebuild lives of homeless people and ex addicts by re-cycling second hand goods and in turn helping you convert your house into an ecologically friendly home.

We are here for you, to help you throughout your entire property lifecycle needs, from purchase to sale, time after time, contact us today out and see for yourself if we meet our objectives, and your expectations.

We hope you enjoy your experience with us and would be delighted to continue a long lasting friendship with you.

About us

Skyline is your real estate agent in Cadiz, Andalucia. Are you looking for a house, villa, apartment, plot or property for sale in Costa de la Luz? Skyline offers local knowledge and a friendly and discreet customer service. We have property for sale in Chiclana de la Frontera, Conil de la Frontera, Vejer de la Frontera, Tarifa, Cadiz, ...


Skyline Costa de la Luz - Andalucia - Real Estate
Centro Comercial Miramar, Edificio Solventa, no. 315
La Barrosa
11139 Chiclana de la Frontera
Cádiz, Spain